Communication Is Key By: Kiara Collazo

After the long night talks and flirtatious texting, a relationship starts to build. You may become nervous or scared because you don’t know what to expect out of the relationship. Instead of pulling away or avoiding your partner, talk to that person. Tell them what’s up, what you feel, what makes you feel that way. If the person really cares about you, they will work with you, they will reassure you on the things you are worried about. Communicate with your partner even if you think you might hurt their feelings because maybe what scares you is them! It’s also better to talk to them face to face even though I know you are probably like “Yeah right”. But if you really can’t talk to them face to face, then call but do not text! Reading a message, you might read it a certain way. Texting becomes too complicated when expressing feelings even though most of the human population does it anyway. But forget how to tell the person, just concentrate on telling them so that way you can be on the same page about your feelings and how you want to take the relationship. Expressing yourself can also help you define the kind of person you are and if you are ready to be in a relationship or if you just want to have fun. Communication is key! Don’t hold back one word if it means something will change.


Sometimes you have to step up! By: Kiara Collazo

I understand that sometimes you are shy when it comes to guys but if you want to find that special someone, sometimes you have to step up! Sit next to that guy you think is cute or say hi to people in your class to make new friends, meet new people. You expect to sit out and then you pout about not finding that person to make you happy or you start feeling like you’re not good enough because that ‘guy’ that you find interesting doesn’t talk to you. Let them know you are there! Make them remember your name, your face, your interests. Be unforgettable but dont be too pushy either because we don’t want them to think you’re desperate! Find the balance between pushy and unforgettable so that the next time he sees you, he’ll remember you!